Diana Saunders, MA LPC


Welcome to my web site, a place which supports conscious living and personal development for families, individuals, teens, and children through board certified coaching, licensed counseling and play therapy.

Diana SaundersHow do you know if I am right for you? If you are interested in identifying repetitive unhealthy patterns and replacing those with new, healthier behaviors and thoughts, I am for you.

If you seek understanding about past obstacles and wish to take positive actions to create a new and better life, I am for you.

If you are interested in healing past hurts, creating powerful alternatives, and gaining self-insight and self-empowerment, I am for you.

I work best with individuals who are ready to move on to a more rewarding life, who want to achieve life goals, who are interested in self healing,  insight, creativity,  and action. Each session is tailored by you and I to create more fulfilling and meaningful life experiences which in turn lead to more rewarding behaviors.

This is the place to come to for support and guidance if you are going through a really tough time or if you simply want someone in your corner. I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Please call or email me  to determine whether counseling or life coaching is more appropriate for your needs and to book a family, individual, teen, child or play therapy, EMDR therapy, Brain Gym® session, or Life Coaching session today.