Diana Saunders, MA LPC

Family Counseling

Grandfather and childMother and ChildI work with families in many capacities;  families struggling with difficult issues,   families pre- and post-divorce (low conflict only),   and blended families. My decision to work with families comes from the influences of having been raised in a very large family and having raised a family on my own as a single parent. I now travel the bumpy roads of a blended family!

Most of the time we are on smooth roads but it takes practice,  persistence and patience!

Family counseling can include one member of the family or all family members. It can involve any combination of family members and any number of generations depending on the issue at hand. You define what you need or what you want to change. We then work within your family system to find the best way to incorporate these changes given your family dynamics.

Managing all the relationships and issues in a family can be challenging yet very rewarding.


family with two dads rafting with their children

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