Diana Saunders, MA LPC

Play Therapy for Children

Children may have difficulty expressing exactly what is on their mind, or what they are a feeling about a specific situation. Adults dialogue with their therapist about their thoughts and feelings in regards to everyday conflicts or a specific problem.

Children are often better able to express through the language of play.

Children often cannot conceptualize thoughts or feelings into words but can often “play out”  their frustration,  sadness,  anger,  loneliness,  or myriad of emotions in the play therapy room.  A child may have built up anxieties and fears from past experiences and people close to them (siblings,  parents,  guardians,  etc.).

The therapist acts as an objective and accepting adult for the child. This creates a unique opportunity for the child to release the natural healing resources within and provide a corrective emotional experience.

Play therapy has been used successfully with children whose problems are related to life’s stressors such as divorce,  relocation,  hospitalization,  chronic illness,  physical/sexual abuse,  domestic violence,  natural disasters,  and death according to the Association for Play Therapy.

Play TherapyTherapy for sensitive children is integrated into counseling whenever and wherever the need arises.
I use the term “sensitive” to describe a child who has increased awareness to:

  • others’  feelings
  • the need to be organized or for more time
  • body sensations – numbing,  dizziness,  localized body sensation,  etc.
  • the physical environment – light,  certain noises or noise level,  lack of space,  for example

These are only some of the ways it may show up in your child. Sensitivity may make your child feel different. Please call if you believe your child is sensitive in particular areas and needs help. Sensitivity may present itself as a “problem”  when in reality it might not be a problem at all,  but a gift which needs to be fostered and from which the child can learn much about themselves.

Brain Gym®,  a movement based brain integration program,  helps us develop healthy neural pathways in the brain,  which helps us to relax,  think clearly and learn easily. Brain Gym® can be used for children with attention disorders,  learning disabilities,   hyperactivity,  depression,  and other psychological and learning concerns. Please ask Diana about whether Brain Gym® is appropriate for your child.

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